background removal service
Image Background Removal Services

Background removal service makes product photos pop with affordable and quick image background removal.

38% of online consumers want to see products on a white background And for busy eCommerce retailers with thousands of SKUs, getting a white background on all those photos can be a cumbersome task.

Save time so you and your team can focus on growing business, and making sales not spending countless hours editing photos.

Many online marketplaces, like Amazon and eBay, Shopify recommend or even require product photos on a white background, And image background removal services aren’t just for white backgrounds.

We can accommodate for single color image background that match your brand aesthetic, It can also allow us to add a contextual image backgrounds for ads, seasonal selling and other creative product photos.

Because we use hand-drawn clipping path service, when we do image background removal, we capture every last detail of your products and compel consumers to click the buy button.

With more than 5 million images edited to this date, we are committed to delivering expertly edited photos, every time.

Product Image Background Removal Services

This is the website where you can depend on the brilliance of specialists who can guarantee high quality image background removal service of your images with jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, food, apparel, shoes, digital equipment, etc.

Natural, invisible cut out for printing in high-resolution. Discover how to remove products photography backgrounds without extra efforts.

background removal service

Background Removal Services Applied:

• Background removal

• Borders fixing

• Add the natural shadows

• Shadows dropping

• Photo color correction

Professional Background Removal Services For Fashion Industry

Clipping Path Service R provides the best quality image background removal service for fashion photography. If you need apparel images look amazing on the magazine’s sheets, order ghost mannequin service to receive amazing results.

Apart from image background removal service, get a high level quality photo retouching that will make your models look just like a Hollywood celebrity.

Portrait retouching high end photo editing and hair masking service for a user friendly price.

Background Removal Services Applied:

• Background removal

• Borders fixing

• Shadows dropping

• Skin retouching

• Clothes smoothening

• Photo color correction

background removal service

Specialized Background Removal Services For eCommerce

Amazon, eBay and Shopify have imposed strict photography requirements for their sellers. Our photo retouch expert know exactly what they are and how to edit your product photos to meet all their requirements.

All you need you will find here with clipping path to remove the unwanted background, or to detach the unwanted objects for focusing the buyer’s attention on the product itself. We will make your photos look high-quality and eye-catching that will increase the number of your potential buyers.

background removal service

Background Removal Services Applied:

• Background removal

• Borders fixing

• Shadows dropping

• Skin retouching

• Clothes smoothening

• Photo color correction.

Perfect service for those looking to post on Amazon and meet their photo requirements and making a clean-looking catalog of items with no backgrounds.

Angelina Steve – Amazon Seller


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How It Works

Clipping path service how it work

Why Clipping Path Service R?


Background removal done with poor quality and no attention to detail can hurt your reputation and your brand.

Our business is built upon excellent background removal services that convert consumers and impress clients. We are best background removal service provider.


If you don’t have any time to spare, we’ll help you meet your tightest deadlines.

We’ll background removal service provider provide fast quotes, speedy customer service and quick results. In fact, we deliver a quote for every project in 60 minutes or less.


Affordable background removal service provider what we’re known for,

But that doesn’t mean our quality suffers. Whether you have one photo or a batch of thousands,

You’ll have no trouble fitting our services in your budget.

Excellent, their background removal service is absolutely perfect. Happy with results and customer service!

Trish Harris – Wedding Photographer

Image Background Removal Service at Clipping Path Service R

What is image background removal?

Background removal service is isolating the subject of a photo or image and wiping the rest of the image clean. This accomplishes a cleaner, and simpler look, emphasizes the subject of the image.

Image background removal are commonly used in the eCommerce space. Product photos with white backgrounds have become the industry, and many popular online marketplaces require white backgrounds.

Photo background removal service is not only for white backgrounds, though. You can also add a single color image background, or add a contextual background.

How to remove the background from an image

There is no one way to remove the backgrounds from an image. It all depends on what the subjects of the image is and how advanced the photo editor’s skills are.

At Clipping Path Service R, we mostly use clipping path to achieve image background removal, but there are also instances where we’ll use advanced Photoshop masking, such as when the image has hair or fur.

Clipping path background removal:

Hand drawn clipping path service will achieve the best result with natural looking lines that will enhance the realistic qualities of your product photos.

Use the Pen Tool in Photoshop to remove image background, and don’t forget to zoom in so you capture the smallest details.

Advanced Photoshop background removal:

If you have hair in the photo, play around with some of the Photoshop tools and techniques available to you.

The background eraser tool, magic tool and color separation technique or a combination of more than one can all help you achieve a image that will make shoppers want to buy your products.

If you’re doing the background removal your self, it’s important to remember to remain consistent with the other product photos on your website or seller profile.

And especially if you’re selling on a third party site like Amazon, eBay and Shopify it’s essential to abide by their product photo guidelines. We have created a reference to product photo requirements for online marketplaces to get you started.

When you want to add some color to the image background, consider how those colors may affect online shoppers. Are they complementary to the color of the product? Will they persuade shoppers to buy?

Do they resonate with your brand? You might also need to add color to the iamge background of white or transparent products.

Learn how to remove background from an image with hair

Very eager to please and good service! Can definitely recommend them and would use them any time again.

Arin Steve – Photographer

Who needs image background removal services?

In short, any eCommerce retailer can benefit from the image background removal services. It’s a tedious task to undertake, especially on large batches of images.

Attention to detail is essential to achieving edited photos. That look realistic and will convince consumers to purchase.

Image background removal service allows eCommerce companies to isolate the product and remove any distractions from the frame. It also helps create a uniform and consistent look to all product photos on your site.

This, in turn, creates a predictable and easy user interface. That will help online consumers view and purchase your products.

There’s a use for image background removal service in print, too. Catalogs have a clean and consistent look free of distractions.

If you are creating technical documentation or user manuals, you can remove irrelevant subjects from the photo and create visuals that complement the words on the page. This helps customers use your product more easily.

Whether you have a single photo or a huge batch from your latest photo shoot, professional image background removal service can help you focus on what really matters in your business moving the needle.

When to use background removal

  • To comply with requirements of online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay and Shopify.
  • When the image background is distracting or takes focus away from the subject of the image.
  • Showcase the details of your products and make it stand out.
  • Draw attention to an object in the foreground.
  • If you need to isolate and show specific features of a products or object.
  • Create a uniform background on multiple images, such as a eCommerce store.
  • To achieve a transparent background

When not to use background removal

  • The existing image background provides great context for the object.
  • If you can use lighting and backdrops to create white background product image when you shoot

Image background removal services at Clipping Path Service R

After testing a variety of tools and techniques, we have found that we can achieve the best-looking product photos with clipping path or advanced Photoshop masking.

We continuously test new techniques and tools to make sure we’re using the latest and most advanced methods.

Our professionally trained graphic designers have many years of experience in providing image background removal services. We’re masters of Photoshop’s Pen Tool and other tools, which allows us to define highly precise clipping paths.

We zoom in to your images by as much as 300% when drawing each clipping path service. This enables us to have sufficient anchor points to retain. The natural shape of the object.

Having too many or too few anchor points can result in an inadequate photo cut out and images that don’t look lifelike. Unlike many other image background removal services, we do everything by hand.

We also avoid using tools like Magic tool Wand for quick selection and path creation. We’ve seen, firsthand, the results of automation’s and tools and how it can hurt your reputation and your brand.

Today’s consumers demand high quality and so do we at Clipping Path Service R. We pride our selves on the quality of the finished product no matter how many images you need edited.

Why work with us

  1. High-quality services.
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Automated background removal Vs Our background removal Specialist

Automated background removal Our Photoshop background removal
It gives Average or Low-Quality Outputs always. Our professional editors provide High-Quality Outputs.
It provides an Ordinary-type Look for its edited images. We help image or photo to have a true Professional Look.
It takes Much Time in case of editing a large number of images. We take particularly Less Time because we have lots of working professional editors who work at a great speed.
It is a Complex Process to edit lots of images or photo one by one and manage them. We provide the Easiest Process of an image or photo editing, as you need to just upload images, pay and download!
It Can’t Fulfill All Your Requirements as it is an automated system. Your requirements are our first priority, so we always try to give our best to Fulfill All Your Requirements.

Why we are the best background removal service provider company?

  • Cheapest background removal service provider. Price cheap and lower than other background removal service provider.
  • Bulk discounts on a large amount of image or photo editing orders.
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  • 5000+ Images or photos Each Day we process that proves how fast we work to keep our commitments.
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