Color Correction Services

Color correction services Showcase all your products, fix minor blemishes, and save time and money.

For ecommerce retailers, it’s crucial to showcase your entire range of product variations. But it’s not always feasible to shoot every variation. And for photographers, color correction saves valuable editing time so you can focus on client satisfaction instead of post-processing.

Color variants are helpful if you’re adding a new color to an existing product line, you didn’t have the time or budget to shoot all of the product variants during the shoot, or you don’t have access to images of the different color options. Regardless of the reason, color variant services can save you valuable editing time but also create a positive customer and client experience.

Send us your images and get back to focusing on your business — we’ll deliver high-quality, natural-looking color variants quickly and affordably.

Detailed Color Correction Service

All photos should be edited, at least their color settings. There’s no way a client is going to accept the pictures that have not been touched up.  We realize how such subtle details like vibrancy, saturation, highlights, shadows, contrast, and sharpness can influence the final result and the impression that the images give off, especially if we work with wedding photographs.


Photo editing applied:

• Clouds contrast adjustments

• Green color correction

• Making photo vibrant

• Tints and shadows editing

• White balance correction on the bride’s dress and clouds

• Sharpness and clarity adjustment

Juicy Color Correction Services

Even slight changes in settings can make the photo vivid. It’s important to pay close attention to the littlest things, as the leaves on this photo. The line between amazing color correction and overdone, artificial image is very thin.  Luckily for you, our retouching services for professional photographers can help you not cross that line, as we have the required experience and taste to achieve the perfect photograph.

Photo color correction applied:

• Contrast correction

• Working over green colors and tints, make them vivid and bright

• Making photo vibrant and juicy

• Correction white balance

• Adjusting too dark zones

color correction service

Your Personal Image Color Correction Services

Before color correcting your images our team will discuss all the details with you, to make sure that everything is done to your taste. Keeping your vision intact is crucial for natural editing. We always cooperate closely with our clients to ensure that their personal style, preferences and individuality are reflected in the final product.  Our highly-trained editors will take your wishes and desires  and help you shape them. We are always available for further revisions to meet your needs.

color correction service

Photo color correction applied:

• Contrast correction

• Exposure and saturation enhancement

• Temperature adjustment

• Shadows removal

• Clarity work

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How It Works

Clipping path service how it work

Why Clipping Path Service R?


Color correction done with poor quality and no attention to detail can hurt your reputation and your brand.

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Super easy, fast, and inexpensive. I use them all the time for color ups, background extensions, and silhouettes for my web images.

Laurie Dunlap

Color Correction Services at Clipping Path Service R

What are color variants?

Color variants — or color changes or color corrections — are when an image (or part of an image) is manipulated to be a different color. There are many times where color changes are needed to create the visual effect that will make your clients happy, match your brand’s aesthetic, or make customers buy your product.

How to do color variants

The Match Color command in Photoshop can help you change colors in just one or in multiple images. This only works in RGB mode.

With Color Range mode, you select a color or color range from your original image. This mode can also help retouch subject’s faces, as it automatically detects and selects faces.

The Color Picker and Eyedropper are other Photoshop tools that you can use. In the end, it all depends on why you’re performing color correction post-processing techniques.

When to use color variants

  • You want to change only the color of the product in the photo, keeping everything else exactly the same — so customers can more easily compare color options
  • Shooting a natural photo doesn’t accurately capture the real-life color of the product
  • Introducing a new product to an existing product line and you can’t do a new shoot for it
  • You only have one or a few color samples for the photoshoot and don’t have time or money for a new shoot for when you get those images
  • When you have a long list of SKUs to shoot, it’s more efficient to take a photo of one color variation for each

When not to use color variants

  • You sell one-of-a-kind, unique or handmade items that are not easily replicated
  • When you don’t actually have the product available in all of the colors you want to represent visually

Typically, it is best to use a combination of ghost mannequin and live models. The ghost mannequin provides consistency for your main product thumbnails and images on websites or in catalogs, but live models add a human and relatability factor. It also puts the products into context for consumers.

Very eager to please and good service! Can definitely recommend them and would use them any time again.

Arin Steve – Photographer

Color change image editing at Clipping Path Service R

At Clipping Path Service R, we’ve learned a lot about color variants and color correction. We’ve had the chance to edit more than 5 million photos, and this has allowed us to continue to improve our technique.

When we want to show all of the color variants available for your product, we use one image of the product and one image of each of the colors. This allows us to make sure the product looks exactly the same across all variants, with the exception being only the color.

In some cases, this helps you get an edited image that looks more like the product in real life than a naturally shot frame. Customers want to see images that represent realistic expectations, so the closer you can get to the in-person look of a product the better.

Businesses thrive when you give your customers a great shopping experience. And we know how important it is to deliver natural-looking photos that create that experience — all at a fair price.

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Automated Color Correction Vs Our Color Correction Specialist

Automated Color Correction Our Photoshop Color Correction
It gives Average or Low-Quality Outputs always. Our professional editors provide High-Quality Outputs.
It provides an Ordinary-type Look for its edited images. We help image or photo to have a true Professional Look.
It takes Much Time in case of editing a large number of images. We take particularly Less Time because we have lots of working professional editors who work at a great speed.
It is a Complex Process to edit lots of images or photo one by one and manage them. We provide the Easiest Process of an image or photo editing, as you need to just upload images, pay and download!
It Can’t Fulfill All Your Requirements as it is an automated system. Your requirements are our first priority, so we always try to give our best to Fulfill All Your Requirements.

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