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Image Masking Services

Image masking service every last strand of hair and fur accounted for with fast and affordable image masking services

38% of online consumers want to see products on a white background. And for busy photographers juggling multiple clients, getting a white background on all those photos can be a cumbersome task — especially if the subject has hair or fur. Save time so you can focus on growing your business instead of countless hours editing photos.

Whether your photos are for print or digital use, attention to detail is key. Today’s consumers demand better photos, and thus so do your clients. Impress your clients on the first round with professionally edited images that salvage every last strand of hair or fur. You’ll wow clients with your attention to detail, hit your most aggressive deadlines, and have money left over to pocket.

With more than 5 million images edited to this date, we’re committed to delivering expertly edited photos, every time.

Image Masking Services

Image masking is the process of separating an image from its background. It also fixes the distorted area of an image or photo. Image masking is used to ensure that the shape of the image is untouched. Image masking in Photoshop is similar to the clipping path service. Basically, the clipping path helps to remove the background out of an image. But, image masking removes the background along with the accurate shape and details of an image.

image masking service

Image Masking Services Applied:

• Channel Masking

• Hair Masking

• Alpha Masking

• Fur Masking

• Team Image Masking

Hair Masking Services

Unlike other masking processes, hair & fur masking is entirely different. You can’t get the best output using the clipping path method on hair.

Whereas, using the image masking process, you will get the result. We apply advanced masking technique to bring back life to your photo. Try out our free trial to check the masking quality.

Hair Masking Services Applied:

• Alpha Masking

• Channel Masking

• Hair Masking

• Fur Masking

• Team Image Masking

image masking service

Fur Masking Service

Hair and the Flesh areas got the most difficult lining and the edges are thinner. By hair masking, we can give a proper shape to the hair of the image and draw a fine lining.

Fur masking also works the same way. It helps to remove the fur areas of the object. Hair and Fur removal works are done using the “Pen Tool” of Photoshop. It is mostly used in the model, furry cloths, animal skin, or doll images.

image masking service

Fur Masking Services Applied:

• Hair Masking

• Channel Masking

• Alpha Masking

• Fur Masking

• Team Image Masking

They did exactly what I asked in the exact time I needed the masks. I will definitely use them again and refer them to others. Saved me a lot of time.

Jack H


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How It Works

Clipping path service how it work

Why Clipping Path Service R?


Image masking done with poor quality and no attention to detail can hurt your reputation and your brand.

Our business is built upon excellent image masking services that convert consumers and impress clients. We are best image masking service provider.


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Image Masking Services at Clipping Path Service R

What is image masking?

Image masking is helpful in removing the background from images that have subjects with hair or fur. The fine details of the individual hairs and furs make it difficult to perform background removal with clipping path, so advanced Photoshop skills and techniques are essential.

As you might imagine, meticulous image masking requires a lot of patience, skill and time. But the labor-intensive task is worth the effort — each strand of hair accounted for in the finished image. We begin with hand-drawn clipping paths along straight edges, and then get to the more advanced work of preserving the finer details.

If you want to do it on your own, play around with some of the Photoshop tools and techniques available to you. The background eraser tool, magic eraser tool and the color separation technique — or a combination of more than one — can all help you achieve the perfect photo for your clients or online store.

It’s important to remember to remain consistent with the other product photos on your website or seller profile. And especially if you’re selling on a third-party site like Amazon or eBay, it’s essential to abide by their product photo guidelines. (We’ve created a reference to product photo requirements for online marketplaces to get you started.)

Read this in-depth article about how to remove the background from an image with hair >

Types of image masking service we offer

  • Hair & fur masking service
  • College masking service
  • Refine edge masking
  • Color masking
  • Layer masking
  • Alpha channel masking
  • Transparency and translucent masking
Hair & fur Masking

Unlike other masking processes, hair & fur masking is entirely different. You can’t get the best output using the clipping path method on hair. Whereas, using the image masking process, you will get the result. We apply advanced masking technique to bring back life to your photo. Try out our free trial to check the masking quality.

College/Group masking

Similarly, we offer group masking or college masking to create a new & fresh image from the original one. If you have collage images that have flaws, we give you feedback fixing the errors. Do you have family photos or group photos? Are you looking for an expert editor to enhance your photo? Send your images to us to get the best result.

Refine edge masking

In Photoshop, you can depart a photo background from a furry image using the refine edge masking tool. Before applying this method, first, we make a selection around the image using the Quick Selection Tool. Later, we apply the Layer mask & refine edge tool. This method helps to get a soft edge image. Blanket, trees, and doll such kind of images needs to apply this technique.

Color Masking

We Color Masking or Color range masking is a feature both in Photoshop and Light room. You can get better control over the gradient & adjustment brush. As a result, removing the background from a hairy image becomes easy and smooth. Our free trial offer is available for you to get this advanced service.

Layer Masking

This method allows the designers to art a line around the photo. Layer masking is using to edit hair items. They can able to choose which would be edit and which piece would be not. This system also gives more liberty to the designers for editing. Layer masking is used to edit or delete unneeded hairy area. The majority generous benefit of layer masking is there is an alternative for undone. So any changes have made ought to be undone at any time.

Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha channel masking performs better on a single colored background. To apply this masking, first, we isolate your photo background. Then, save the image as Alpha Masking. In the end process, we adjust brightness, contrast, and exposure of the photo. Most importantly, you can get a light size photo for uploading on your website.

Transperency Masking

Transparency method is various from others. This used to change the background to a transparent thing. Instead of choosing the subject, this system direct delete the context of a photo. Transparency masking is used to using the object in a totally different knowledge.

Transperency And Translucent Masking

Transparency method is various from others. This used to change the background to a transparent thing. Instead of choosing the subject, this system direct delete the context of a photo. Transparency masking is used to using the object in a totally different knowledge.

Translucent masking is used to edit photos. This other masking method is translucent masking. People use the clipping path to separate a clear dream. That is translucent masking is used for best quality editing. In general, this system used into images which had things like glass jewelry, regular glass stays effects

Very eager to please and good service! Can definitely recommend them and would use them any time again.

Arin Steve – Photographer

Who needs image masking services?

If you need the background removed from an image that features hair or fur, advanced image masking will produce more accurate and cleaner results than clipping path. It’s a tedious task to undertake, especially on large batches of images. Attention to detail is essential to achieving edited photos that look realistic and will convince consumers to purchase.

Image masking allows photographers to isolate the product and remove any distractions from the frame. It also helps create a uniform, consistent look to all product photos for your clients or your brand, both digital and print.

Whether you have a single image or a huge batch from your latest photoshoot, professional image masking services can help you focus on what really matters in your business: getting more high-value clients.

When to use image masking

  • To comply with requirements of online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay
  • When you have an image that has fuzzy edges
  • Editing the background of images with transparent products, such as a clear drinking glass or bottle

When not to use image masking

  • If your image has sharp edges, we recommend using clipping path instead
  • When the background is the same color as the product in your image

Image masking at Clipping Path Service R

No two images are the same. That’s why we carefully analyze each photo to determine the best approach. More often than not, a high-quality image requires the use of more than one technique or tool. We combine multiple approaches — including the background eraser tool, color separation, channel mask and hand-drawn clipping paths — to achieve the best-looking photo for you or your clients. We’re not finished until every edge is sharp and smooth, and every minor detail captured.

With more than 300 employees and five locations, we have skilled graphic designers and photo editors in various areas. After examining your photo and needs, we make sure the most qualified editor fulfills your order to the highest standards. You get professionally edited ima ges that will make your clients happy — all at a price you can afford and a turnaround time to help you meet even the most aggressive deadlines.

Unlike many other image masking services, we do everything by hand. We’ve seen, firsthand, the results of automations and tools and how it can hurt your reputation and your brand.

Today’s consumers demand quality, and so do we at Clipping Path Service R. We pride ourselves on the quality of the finished product — no matter how many images you need edited.

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Automated Image masking Vs Our Image masking Specialist

Automated Image masking Our Photoshop Image masking
It gives Average or Low-Quality Outputs always. Our professional editors provide High-Quality Outputs.
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It takes Much Time in case of editing a large number of images. We take particularly Less Time because we have lots of working professional editors who work at a great speed.
It is a Complex Process to edit lots of images or photo one by one and manage them. We provide the Easiest Process of an image or photo editing, as you need to just upload images, pay and download!
It Can’t Fulfill All Your Requirements as it is an automated system. Your requirements are our first priority, so we always try to give our best to Fulfill All Your Requirements.

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