It’s a wedding, the thing that comes to mind is photography. A wedding is a special event for someone’s life. Every moment is precious, and photographers have to take pictures continuously. Photographers do not want to miss a single moment.

Now one crucial equipment is the right camera. Whether you are a skilled photographer or not, you need a camera that will capture nice wedding photos.

Having the right camera is the core to be a successful photographer. If you have the right equipment in your hand, you can take wedding photos at any angle.

In this way, if you want the best camera for wedding photography you have to consider a lot of things to pick up the best one.

In this article, we are going to show you the top cameras for wedding photography based on the top features, camera sensor, and price.

What Should You Seek In The Best Camera For Wedding Photography?

How photographers choose the camera that will work best for them? A huge number of options are available for you. But you have to choose the right one for you. You have to identify which features you will give priority. As a photographer, you have to seek for the crucial features that will match with your photography style. 

Camera Sensor:

The camera sensor is designed to improve the performance of the camera. The sensor can improve the quality of the photos. Larger sensors can take great images. But in the case of wedding photography, full-frame sensors work great. But full-frame sensors are a bit pricey. 

Size Of The Camera:

The size of your camera is an essential fact to consider. Most mirrorless cameras come in small sizes. When your camera is smaller, you need to pack it in a small packet while you are starting toward your destination. But if your mirrorless camera comes with a big lens, it will be heavy. 


One thing that you should consider while choosing the best one. You should consider your budget. If you do not have a high budget, you cannot afford an expensive and highly expensive camera. SO it will be better if you buy an entry-level camera if you are a novice photographer. 


If you are shooting at a wedding, you know that you have to take shots continuously. You have to take the shot for a long period. You have already realized how important battery life is. Take some extra battery with you. Besides, know about the battery life before you buy your camera. 

What Is The Best Camera For Wedding Photography?

If you are a wedding photographer, you cannot spend anywhere without taking shots continuously. This is why you have to rely on a camera by which you can take thousands of photos. You need the best camera with the right accessories.

The camera that comes in the right features and characteristics can deliver the desired results. If you want to see yourself as a successful wedding photographer, you have to know about the right gear. We are going to reach you to your right gear. Let’s have a look at the best camera for wedding photography.

Sony A7 iii

The Sony a7 lll is the second-best choice for wedding photographers. Though it is a basic model, it comes as the updated version of the previous model. As it’s a full-frame camera, it is highly recommended for every kind of photography.

According to the photographer’s choice, Sony a7 lll has gained much popularity for taking wedding shots. Now let’s know about the newly added features of this camera, which has made it dominate over other cameras.

Top best camera for wedding photography in our list


The CMOS sensor and the image processor is improved and developed than before. The combination of the sensor and processor has made it faster than before.

The ISO range extended up to 51200. For maintaining the highest image detail, there is an area-specific noise detail. The high sensitivity range allows taking photos at high ISO.

It comes with five-axis stabilization to deliver high performance.

It offers AF points with improved focus. With the Sony a7, you can take fast continuous shots at 10fps, which is great for wedding photography.

The black Fujifilm X-T3 is the ultimate choice of photographers for wedding photography. It is the advanced mirrorless camera that comes with the advanced body for taking photos comfortably.

  • Very small in size
  • Tremendously good quality image
  • The continuous eye auto focus system
  • Accurate and consistent images in low light
  • Five axis in-body stabilization
  • Offensive battery life
  • Only one SD card slot
  • Very expensive

Panasonic Lumix GH5

If you are finding a model that can be used by beginner photographers, Try out Panasonic Lumix GH5 might work for you. This camera comes with so many features that have made it more adaptable. The Panasonic Lumix GH5 comes as an updated, redesigned, and feature-rich camera.

Sony A9 is 2nd one in our best camera for wedding photography


The 24.3MP MOS sensor creates the best quality images. It offers great detail and accuracy with sharpness, even in low light.

The precise noise reduction and color control technique is fantastic.

It allows for shooting speed up to 12fps. The RAW and JPEG photos taken with this camera are more improved.

The built-in image stabilizer is updated than before.

For many other features, this camera has become one of the best cameras than other cameras that come at the same price.

  • Fine video specification
  • Very bright EVF
  • 4K video without time limit
  • No high-class image quality
  • No quick AF mode

Sony A9

The Sony A9 camera has changed the game. It is the first camera by Sony for wedding photography. You cannot imagine what and what more the Sony A9 camera can do. 

Sony A9 is 2nd one in our best camera for wedding photography


Shooting speed and silent shooting is a huge factor as an advanced camera. The A9 speed is enough for taking continuous shots. Photographers can capture the right moment at the higher shutter speed.

 It offers a 24MP stacked CMOS sensor. The 24MP can take shots at 20 frames per second.

 The ISO range in this camera is extended up to 51200 with the minimum level of noise.

 The high sensitivity allows for outstanding wedding photos at any angle.

 The Sony A9 allows for silent shooting. For silent shooting, and the anti-distortion electronic shutter is included.

  • Excellent quality body
  • Best autofocus system
  • Improved battery life
  • Touch screen navigation in the menu
  • Expensive camera
  • One SD card slot

Nikon D850

Professional wedding photographers love to take photos with Nikon D850. There are two reasons behind loving the camera. It comes with a  low light situation and a long-life battery. This camera has introduced a new benchmark for wedding photography.

Nikon D850 is 4th one in our list best camera for wedding photography


It is a super high-resolution camera that comes in 45.7 megapixels. It allows for high-speed continuous shooting of images.

The Nikon D850 comes with the lowest range of ISO. If the ISO range is low, the dynamic range will be greater.

A dedicated 153 AF system technology ensures high resolution and sharp images.

  • 7fps in burst mode
  • High ISO performance
  • Faster AF speed
  • An electronic shutter in live mode
  • Lack of low pass filter
  • Improved WiFi

Canon EOS 6D

If you have a vision with your wedding photography, the Canon EOS 6D is the right one for you. You can be more creative with this camera. This camera comes with more advantage that does not exist in the Canon 5D Mark lll. As the newly added camera features of the Canon EOS 6D surprises most of the customers.

Canon EOS 6D is 5th one in our list best camera for wedding photography


 The DIGIC5 and image processor delivers up to ISO 25600. Though the ISO range is 25600, it can be extended.

 It features 7 levels of manual brightness adjustment. This feature enables for use in any sort of lighting condition.

 The 20.2 megapixel with the CMOS sensor delivers incredible images.

 It comes with the 35.8mm results in excellent detail images. An improvement is seen in the processor power and speed.

 As an additional feature, The Canon EOS 6D comes with GPS and Wi-Fi technology. It enables you to control your camera with your phone.

  • More than 20.2MP full-frame
  • EF compatible lens
  • High ISO capabilities in low light
  • Built-in GPS system
  • Fantastic performance
  • Single SD card
  • Video limit up to 1080p
  • Very small AF coverage
  • Expensive camera

Fujifilm X-T3

The black Fujifilm X-T3 is the ultimate choice of photographers for wedding photography. It is the advanced mirrorless camera that comes with the advanced body for taking photos comfortably.


The bright and clear body offers an OLED viewfinder. The magnification of the viewfinder is 0.75x high.

For the live view capture, 1.04m Dot touch screen is available. The touch screen can be tilted in three ways.

A new sensor and new processor is added. The X Trans CMOS 4 and X processor four is added to deliver high performing photos. The sensor design comes with the phase-detection autofocus system. The AF system delivers face and eye detection with continuous shots.

Undoubtedly the Fjifilm X-T3 is the best choice for wedding photographers.

  • High classic look
  • Improved autofocus system
  • Jacks for microphone and headphone
  • Improved high ISO performance
  • Tilting touch screen
  • coverage for LCD monitor
  • Sensitive touchpoint
  • A higher level of noise

Canon 5D Mark lV

The Canon 5D Mark lV is the photographer’s obsession. In the case of wedding photography, this camera works like the incredible one. Photographers who tend to use Canon cameras all the time, they choose the Canon 5D Mark lV. You can achieve your desired higher quality image and videos with the Canon 5D Mark lV camera with ease. 

Canon 5D Mark lV is 7th one in our list best camera for wedding photography


It features 30.4 MP, which has made it choose over the other cameras.

The live view mode in this camera is more powerful than most of the cameras. It can focus on the subject more accurately.

The ISO range is extended in the Canon Mark lV. It is extended up to 32000.

The 30.4 full Megapixels with full-frame sensor captures highly detailed photos.

The DIGIC6 + image processor provides very faster operation. This feature enables continuous shooting up to 70fps.

  • The 7fps burst speed
  • CMOS AF with dual pixel
  • Super-high ISO capability
  • Dual slot for memory card
  • EV-4 sensitivity for live view
  • Very low light AF
  • Very soft JPEG
  • HDMI 1080p only

Fujifilm X-Pro 2

If you are a novice photographer, this camera might be the best option for you. You choose it as the second-best one for you.

Fujifilm X-Pro 2 is 8th one in our list best camera for wedding photography


The 24.3 MP with CMOS lll sensor ensures high-quality wedding photos. With this sensor, you can capture clear images reducing the noise.

It features the X-Processor Pro, which results in very fast performance.

The Advanced Hybrid multi Viewfinder includes both electronic and optical viewfinder. The optical viewfinder results in a completely clear and easy composition.

The 273 point autofocus system can focus quickly and more accurately.

The face detection points can take photos of moving objects faster.

  • Excellent range finder layout
  • A lot of customization option
  • Wireless shooting for Wedding photography
  • Attractive retro design
  • Very light in weight
  • Poor battery life
  • Expensive camera

Olympus OM-D E-M1X

The Olympus OM-D E-M1X is the small sensor camera that most of the wedding photographers do not choose. But this camera is designed in a way that meets the demand of most of the photographers. Though this camera comes at an affordable price rate, photographers do not tend to choose them. If you talk about wedding photography, they have to take more photos in less light.

Olympus OM-D E-M1X is 10th one in our list best camera for wedding photography


The shutter speed is highest in the second, which is 1/32000. Having a higher shutter speed is crucial for wedding photography. Because they have to take shots continuously. If you are a wedding photographer, you already know why you have to keep on taking shots.

The customized AF system is improved than before. The advanced AF system allows for more capabilities. 

It is designed with the 20.4MP Micro four-thirds sensors to capture photos very fast. Thus it is well suited for wedding photography.

It features log shooting with the Om log400 profile for color grading and post-production.

  • Faster responsive shutter
  • Faster accurate autofocus
  • A clear electronic viewfinder
  • Extended two batteries
  • Live ND for multi-shot mode
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Smaller sensor
  • Very expensive

Panasonic G7

One outstanding mirrorless camera that comes with more developed features is the Panasonic G7.

Panasonic G7 is 11th one in our list best camera for wedding photography


It features the 16MP micro four third sensors that offer fast performance in various lighting conditions.

The ISO range is extended up to 25600. The AF technology adjusts the focusing position with an optical image stabilizer.

It offers an electronic shutter function. The shutter speed can be higher at 1/16000 per second. You do not need a faster shutter speed than the Panasonic G7.

It features a super-sharp video recording system-more better video performance than YouTube channel operators.

  • Very responsive touch screen
  • Electronic shutter for fast shutter speed
  • Built-in EVF
  • 4K photo mode for fast shooting
  • High resolution up to 1.040k dot
  • Low-resolution preview
  • Plastic build body
Final Verdict:

We have reviewed all the best cameras for taking wedding shots. I hope that you can now pick up the best quality and your desired camera.

It is now your turn to determine the best camera for you. Though it is so tough to choose the best one for you, consider your skills first.

When you have the best camera in your hand, you can take photos at any angle in any level of light. It is so tough to choose best camera for wedding photography. Still, there are a lot of things that you should consider.

Ensure that you buy one camera that achieves your desired results.

Go for the one that is the best, controllable, worth your budget and results in excellent photos.